January 28, 2023

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Seven Lions & Kill The Noise team up with Shadow Cliq for The Blood VIP

Following the release of his debut album, Seven Lions are releasing a special VIP version of his 2019 cult-classic collaboration with Kill The Noise, “The Blood”. The haunting track dives into three distinct drops of heart-pounding psytrance and head-banging dubstep and techno elements.

For the VIP, Shadow Cliq was hired to add an epic rock guitar solo to reinforce the original, while each drop is switched up to either intensify or completely change the track’s flow. The last minute or so also amplifies the tension of the original with a more cinematic feel, nearing an epic climax when the psytrance comes back into play.

If you like Seven Lions’ debut album, Beyond The Veil, this VIP will be a delicious dessert to enjoy. Check it out below!

Photo by Dawndra Budd @dawndraphoto