January 30, 2023

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Sinners in the hands of an angry God [by Jonathan Edwards]

The god who keeps you above the abyss of hell
how to hold a spider or disgusting insect over the fire,
detests you and becomes terribly irritated;

Therefore, the time has come for small-cap value stocks
like my number one, Northern Oil & Gas (NOG),
up 75% since pandemic sell-off but still undervalued;

but his anger against you burns like fire; he looks at you
than worth nothing but to be thrown into the fire,
This is where we get really exciting opportunities.

If Beauty and the Beast is a perennial favorite, so is the Houston-based outfit
thtt Jonathan Edwards heads, even though you are ten thousand times
More abominable in his eyes than the most abominable and venomous serpent,

nevertheless I am in love with you, just like God holds it in his hands
the sinners that He should despise but feel sorry for and stuff like that
You should invest in Flex and VVOAX and you will never walk alone,

you’ll never Walk Alone!