January 30, 2023

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Skrillex drops big teasers for two possible albums in 2023

In November 2019, after a GRAMMY nomination for “Midnight Hour” featuring Boys Noize feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Skrillex took to social media to thank everyone who supported the track, saying, “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.” But he didn’t end the video there as he continued and said, “I’m in the studio right now, finishing my albums.”

Then, in May 2022, he sadly pulled the line-ups from Movement Detroit and Tampa Sunset Music Festival. Once again he managed to include that significant plural in his announcement: “Albums”.

Both posts have since been removed from social media and we’ve been patiently awaiting news of a new album since he released ‘Recess’ in 2015.

Today he shared a 42-second teaser that’s absolutely packed with music clips. Some we’ve heard before, others are a little more nebulous about their identities. According to /u/ddarion on Reddit, the IDs could be:

Skrillex ft. Starrah – Eldorado ID
Skrillex with Fred Again and Flowdan – Rumble
Skrillex with Fred Again – Stay with me
Skrillex with Sleepnet and Joker – Tears ID
Skrillex with Kid Cudi – Move Here ID
Skillex with Bladee – True Spring
Skrillex w/? – Xena ID
Skrillex with porter/virtual self? – I WOULD
Skrillex with Trippe Redd – Way Back ID
Skrillex with Beam – Selecta
Skrillex w/? – Breath in, breath out
Skrillex with Missy Elliot – Party People
Skrillex with Sam G? – Pink Pantherss

Skrillex himself even shared the Dropbox link to the audio-only teaser on its own subreddit.

Whatever comes of it – suggestions for “QFF/DGTC” always seem to lead to “Quantum Field Friends/Don’t Get Too Close” – we’re likely to have a very busy year for the OWSLA-Don.

QFF/DGTC 23 pic.twitter.com/b62Y2Gk0Ii

– Skrillex (@Skrillex) January 1, 2023