January 30, 2023

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So I read Revenge by Tom Bower

And I didn’t finish it.

I can’t finish Tom Bower’s Revenge because I can’t take it anymore. Meghan Markle’s life is full of drama, mostly because of her own actions. I can’t stand reading about the Oprah interview. I haven’t seen it and I don’t intend to read about it. Thanks to YouTubers, I get the gist of the interview: lies.

I wanted to read this book cover to cover so I can share it all with you, but I just can’t.

Here are the things that shocked me that I will also tell my sister.

1. Meghan wanted an English boyfriend from the start

Yes, you read it right. She wanted an ENGLISH boyfriend. She went to the UK hoping to have an ENGLISH boyfriend in 2013.

Meghan targeted Ashley Cole as her boyfriend because he followed her on Twitter and they exchanged messages. Katie Hind told Meghan that Ashley Cole was unfaithful to his wife. Meghan was disappointed.

And Meghan asked Lizzie Cundy if she knew a famous man. Emphasis on FAMOUS.

2. She wanted publicity before Harry

She hired PR agency Sunshine Sachs. They are known for representing Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and more.

Meghan hosted a TV gala with Oliver Cheshire. There was a moment during the event when Oliver Cheshire held Meghan’s hand. Meghan wanted this photo to be featured in the tabloid. The editors declined her request.

I don’t know whether to be surprised at Mrs. Cringe. I love when people are able to manifest what they want in life. Meghan was on a mission. She got everything she wanted, but she didn’t specify it to the last detail.

English friend. Advertising. Fame. Yes, she has them all.

She had an English boyfriend and they even got married. But honestly, at this point, Harry is no prize. Harry proves day in and day out that he is a spoiled brat and a man who is easily manipulated. Nobody wants that. He’s just rich and has nothing to offer but his whining.

notoriety and fame. meh Well, she got bad publicity and is now notorious for being an ungrateful, irreverent narcissist.

3. Meghan is a self proclaimed person even before she met Harry

She requested a larger suite in the Gault Hotel. Apparently she wasn’t happy about staying in an executive suite at the Hotel Place d’Armes.

When she went to restaurants, she asked for a special table.

“She criticized the hotel’s Tempurpedic robe and slippers. She wanted Dior.”

4. When she went to an African village, she made a point of having a photo shoot

“For hours, Jurina photographed the perfectly coiffed actress hugging, hugging and smiling at the village children. Each pose was followed by a change of clothes.”

“In the end, Surminski was amazed. Celebrities who used an abandoned African village as a backdrop for fashion shoots were “stunning”. Meghan, she concluded, “opportunistically orchestrated the trip to pose as a philanthropist.” ”

5. Meghan is truly obsessed with her childhood battle with Proctor and Gamble. The one in which she revolutionized dishwashing

Long story short, Sam Kashner interviewed Meghan for a magazine. After the article was published, Meghan called Sam Kashner to say she was disappointed in him.

“Kashner was confused. How could she hate an obvious poof piece? Then her feelings were explained. Naturally, she hated the Wild About Harry title because it encouraged her philanthropy. She was equally angry that her childhood struggle with Procter & Gamble was left out. Kashner resisted the revelation that Vanity Fair’s fact-checkers had firmly decided her story might have been false. After consulting Procter & Gamble and advertising historians, fact-checkers concluded that there is no evidence the incident ever happened. There was also no evidence, as Meghan claimed, that she had received a reply from Hillary Clinton.317 Unbeknownst to Kashner, Thomas Markle knew that both Hillary Clinton and Procter & Gamble had ignored Meghan’s letters. Their ‘campaign’ was fictional, invented by an adoring father.”

6. Meghan really made Catherine cry

It happened during fittings for Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

“This disagreement was followed by a dispute over the length of Charlotte’s hem. Kate thought it was too short and didn’t fit anyway. Melissa Toubati, Meghan’s assistant, and the seamstresses employed by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller witnessed Meghan emphatically dismissed Kate’s observation. Compromise wasn’t a trait Meghan embraced. The standoffs, Kate decided, confirmed complaints about Meghan from Toubati and other staff. Kate burst into tears. Kirstie Allsopp, a friend of Camilla’s, later confirmed that Kate was moved to tears when Meghan bullied her staff.”

You must read Revenge by Tom Bower

Because I only shared about 5% of the book here.

There are more revelations in Tom Bower’s Revenge, such as the people who cried over Meghan’s attitude, the people who spooked her, her relationship with Cory, which Meghan appears to have used while she was looking for other men, and Meghan’s other ambitions she wanted to be a UN ambassador and be the face of L’Oreal.

I highly recommend Revenge if you want to learn more about the Markles and see what a mean, narcissistic, manipulative woman Meghan is.