January 30, 2023

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TAEYANG from BIGBANG and Jimin from BTS’s “VIBE”: streaming

One of the most iconic K-pop collaborations of all time, BIGBANG’s TAEYANG has recruited BTS’ Jimin for his feisty new throwback single VIBE.

The track marks TAEYANG’s first new solo release since his 2017 album White Night, when the singer-dancer retired from the South Korean military in 2018. BIGBANG returned as a group in 2022 with the warmly received ballad Still Life. ”

“VIBE,” on the other hand, is a catchy anthem that’s a perfect fit for one of BTS’s strongest dancers – not only is the choreography a blast, but Jimin’s instantly recognizable and distinctive vocals add a boost of energy to the second verse as well. Additionally, Jimin has been calling himself a fan of TAEYANG since the debut of BTS in 2013, when Jimin called him the artist he would most like to work with one day. Both artists worked on the composition of the song, which was produced by THEBLACKLABEL’s TEDDY.

Watch the video for “VIBE” below featuring some outstanding choreography by TAEYANG and Jimin.

While there’s no confirmation on details yet, Jimin has revealed he’s been busy at the studio for the past few months. As the second chapter of BTS, which is slated for solo activities alongside efforts, continues, there’s a strong chance we can expect more solo material from Jimin soon.