February 2, 2023

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Thanks for the listening spoiler

You know what I like most about reading fiction?

It relaxes me.

But Thank You For Listening by Julia Whelan didn’t relax me. It’s annoyingly not a good, easy read. This book and I have no connection. This book feels like it’s from another planet and I didn’t quite get it. The words didn’t come through and I had to read myself through.

I’m really thankful I bought it on Google Play Books sale. I don’t know when books will be sold there. So I check it every day. I bought this book 70% cheaper than it actually costs.

I finished Thank You For Listening so you don’t have to. Book lovers, with insane inflation, we can’t afford to read a bad book. This is how I save you time and money.

Thanks for listening Julia Whelan Spoilers

Sewanee (introduced by a different name, Alice) and Nick have a one-night stand in Las Vegas.

June French wanted Sarah and Brock to do their audio book. Sarah and Brock are constantly texting each other and texting each other more and more.

There’s an audio book awards show, Nick is there on behalf of his dead aunt June French. Sewanee and Nick meet again. Sewanee tells Nick she used a fake name.

Sewanee’s assisted living grandmother calls Sewanee and tells her that her grandmother tried to kill herself. Sewanee rushes to the facility, Nick follows. Sewanee calls Brock for the first time. She finds out that Nick and Brock are the same person. Nick also finds out that Sewanee and Sarah are the same person. Nick admits that he originally approached Sewanee in Las Vegas because he saw her with her famous best friend, Adaku. Sewanee goes out.

In the next scene, Adaku tells Sewanee that she didn’t get the role in her movie. They don’t fight because she didn’t get the part. She feels down and Adaku has a very positive attitude. Sewanee just wants to hate the world for a moment.

In the next scene, Sewanee drives to Venice to see her mother. Nick is in Venice that evening to see Sewanee. You invent it. Nick casually says they’re going to City Hall. They do the audio book episodes.

Adaku is in the hospital. Nothing serious. Sewanee and Nick go back to Los Angeles.

Sewanee’s grandma dies. Nick proposes to Sewanee at her DEAD MOTHER’S FUNERAL.

Why is Sewanee Chester wearing an eye patch?

As I understood it, I told you that I have no connection with this book, seven years ago Sewanee was so high after skydiving that she wanted to hug the plane she jumped from and the plane’s propeller has caught her.

“The propeller had slanted across my face, hitting my right eye and separating my collarbone from my shoulder. I was so lucky. It could have been so, so, so much worse. If it would have gone faster if I had hit it at a different angle.”

scenes i hate

1. Nick/Brock goes to Venice
Sewanee leaves for Venice at the last minute to visit her mother. That evening, Nick is in Venice to see Sewanee to clear up their misunderstanding.

I know this is just fiction, anything can happen, but this scene is trying very hard to be romantic. There are other ways to revive two characters, but this is how the author decided. It is not good.

No one flies to another continent to see the person they are attracted to and explain themselves, especially when they had a one night stand and are bonded over their constant texting. AND ESPECIALLY when you know that the person is temporarily staying in Venice and is going back to their home country.

Nick and Sewanee weren’t even in a relationship when she flew to Venice. Nick could have waited in Los Angeles and called Sewanee.

2. Nick proposes marriage during the funeral of Sewanee’s dead grandmother
Nick is ill. Time and place, Nick. Time and place.

Imagine you are mourning the loss of your grandma who you love so much and your friend asks the question. Can’t you wait Nick?

Julia Whelan, with all due respect, it’s like you made a bad book on purpose.

Note: I wrote this spoiler because I was thinking about the romantic side of the book. I didn’t include the part about Sewanee’s grandma and papa and more.