February 3, 2023

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The best book gifts under $30

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I love a good book gift and I especially love giving good book gifts. While there are so many options out there, as someone on a tight budget for gifts, many of the guides I read through outside of the book world focus on things that are outside of my tax bracket. I love my friends and family, but not worth $70 or $80 for something that is essentially a stocking filler (I know they don’t love me that much either, so it’s fine). That’s why I started putting together a guide to gifts under $30 a few years ago. In this year’s gifts for readers 2022, I have something for everyone, from fun tote bags to cute prints, enamel pins to fun stickers and more.

I’ve stuck to non-specific gifts for readers. This means that they do not highlight a single author or book, but embrace reading and books more broadly. I’ve divided the guide into three sections for those of you who, like me, are looking for the cheapest items right away. You will find one category under $10, one under $20 and one category under $30 and under.

While shipping has been a challenge in recent years, this year seems a little more on track for items to arrive on time. What seems to be the challenge this year is money – as the cost of everything continues to rise we want to remind you that thought counts and most of these items make a really thoughtful, inexpensive and personal gift.

Get ready to be the best gift giver this year without breaking the bank. (And if you decide to treat yourself, no one will know. It’s been a long year, all of you, and you deserve some fun things too!).

Let’s dive in.

Gifts for Readers 2022: Book Items under $30

Under $10

This handy little bookmark isn’t just for saving your space in a book. It’s a bookmark reading tracker – keep track of your reading goals in one convenient place. You can combine this with a book for a really nice gift. $3

Image of a stack of blue due date cards.

One of the most common questions I get on Instagram is where I get my library due cards from (I use them to track my monthly reading stats). There are a few options but I like this one from Knot and Bow on Etsy. A stack of 50 is only $10.

Set of four lavender colored pencils, each with a book saying.

To keep track of your books and reading, you need a set of solid writing utensils. Choose from multiple colors for these fun book pins. A set of 4 costs $6.

Image of three book page holders in black, yellow and grey.

These thumbbook page holders are not only useful and practical, for some readers they are an essential aid in comfortable reading. $4, with a range of color options. Here’s another one that changes color and also costs around $4.

Image of a blue bookmark sticking out of the top of a book.  It looks like Nessie the sea monster.

A Nessie bookmark would never be lost, that’s for sure. Here are a few color choices too. $9

Image of two literal cross stitches.  One is a bear with books on his head and the other says

If you’re smart, download these two literal cross stitch patterns and deliver a truly special handmade gift. If you’re gifting to a smart person, put these patterns in a package with some thread, a needle, and a hoop. $7 for the set of 2.

Image of a black outline of a book.  It's a temporary tattoo.

A simple yet cute book temporary tattoo. Hand one out to everyone in your book club. $3

Image of pink washi tape with books and flowers.

Bookish Washi Tape makes an excellent gift, especially for bullet journal/reading journal users. $7

Image of an ornament with a cat and several books.

For readers who love cats and use ornaments, this would be the center of the perfect Venn diagram of their interests. $9

Image of a notepad with cute animals reading books.

Read cute animals? Yes, please. This notepad will become a favorite. $8

Under $20

Image of an enamel pin in the shape of a brown paper bag.  Books peek out above.  The bag says

For readers who love their local indies, this enamel local book purchase pin makes a great gift. $15

Image of a shopping bag with an intricate ampersand design.  The bag is hanging on a chair.

There are a lot of options for great book bags under the $20 price tag. This ampersand option is particularly useful for readers who love typography or who like it a little more subtle. $16

Image of a pair of blue socks with stacks of books.  The socks red

At the time of writing there is a waiting list for one of the sizes so know if you want to gift these. Nonetheless, these read some books socks are great. I love it when my socks can give a good direction. $11

Orange beanie with purple text that says

There’s a range of bright colors (and more subdued!) to choose from with this bookish hat. $15

Image of a keychain with a book.  The book has a face and a bookmark inside that says

This book keychain is adorable. $15

Image of a small drawer on top of a stack of books.

This handy little storage unit has space for your bookmarks when not in use and there is a drawer to store other books. Brilliant! $20

White mug with colorful books and flowers on it.

Keep your drinks at the perfect temperature with this insulated book glass. $20

a book cover with Weiner dogs in sweaters.

There are a range of sizes and prints for these book covers to choose from, and all but the largest cost less than $20 (the largest will set you back around $22). Those dogs in sweaters? Classic.

Under $30

Image of a cork board in the shape of a book.

This fun cork board in the shape of an open book costs exactly $30 – so you’ll be expecting a bit of tax and shipping. This would look great in an office or in a reading nook with quotes or inspiration from one’s favorite books.

Three bookplate stamp designs including two featuring books and one featuring a butterfly.

Make sure no book gets lost with this personalized book stamp. You can give away either a self-inking option or a wooden handle option for under $30, and you can choose from a few different styles.

Picture with light brown hair and two clips with books.

How smelly are those book hair clips? A set of 2 is $21 and would make such a fun gift.

Image of a plant holder in the form of a person reading.

This could be the most unique planter your gift recipient owns. It’s a reading person! $29.

A dark blue t-shirt featuring the Libra zodiac constellation.  It contains the names of famous Libra authors.

Choose a zodiac sign and color for this unique book constellation t-shirt that features authors born under the same zodiac sign. $29

Image of a book light with two arms, a charge and a carrying case in grey.

This book light kit would be such a great gift. The light has two arms, is rechargeable and there is a nice travel/storage bag for it. $28

Image of a glass with the words

Get this bookworm jar with no lid and straw for $25 or with it for under $30.