January 28, 2023

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The best books of this week

Shipwreck by Olivia Dade

Following All the Feels and Spoiler Alert, Olivia Dade once again delivers a warm and wonderful romantic comedy about two co-stars who once had an incredible one-night stand – and after years of filming on the same remote island are finally ready to give back in temptation…

Maria’s one-night stand — the plump-legged, sexy Viking of a man she left without a word or note — was just reappearing. Apparently Peter is her grumpy co-star in Gods of the Gates and they will spend the next six years filming together on a deserted Irish island. She still wants him…but he doesn’t want anything to do with her now.

Peter knows this role could finally transform him from an unforgettable character actor to a leading man. He also knows that a failed relationship with Maria could poison the set, and he’s not about to sabotage his career for a woman who has dumped him before. Over time, they may be cooperative colleagues or friends—possibly even best friends—but not lovers again. No matter how much he longs for her.

They haven’t touched each other behind the camera for years. But on their final night of filming, their mutual reticence finally collapses, and all their pent-up desire explodes into new passion. Too bad they still don’t have a future together as Peter returns to Hollywood while Maria returns to her native Sweden. She thinks she needs more than he can give her, but he’s determined to change her mind and he’s spent the last six years waiting. Watch after. Want.

His shipwrecked Swede has no chance.

Reasons to read: First of all, this is a romance with two fat main characters! Second, their backstories and motivations are well developed, which makes their romance all the more compelling. There’s spice, funny moments and this excellent summary of Olivia Dade in an infamous Reddit format: “I (25f) fucked the thick-legged Viking (36m) of my dreams and left before he woke up thinking I’d never see him again… and now we’re filming together on a desolate Irishman.” Island for 6 years and he’s grumpy as hell. Aita?”