January 30, 2023

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The Chainsmokers and Mallrat team up for a quiet sequel to Wish On An Eyelash

Mallrat released “Wish on an Eyelash” as the lead track from her album Butterfly Blue earlier this year. It was only 58 seconds long. But now she has teamed up with The Chainsmokers for Pt. 2, a sequel and expansion of the original.

The first 58 seconds of the sequel are pretty much identical to the original, then, as you might guess, Drew’s voice kicks in and the song turns into a smooth duet. Sonically, the collaboration reflects The Chainsmokers’ latest album foray into a LoFi sound, but also fits Mallrat’s own voice perfectly.

The collaboration came about after The Chainsmokers shared their love for “Wish On An Eyelash” online; “I did a little remix of @lilmallrat wish on an eyelash. The song is too good to only be 40 seconds long.” Mallrat replied and sent them the stems.

Three weeks later, The Chainsmokers shared a snippet of the version on a recent social post, saying: “I’ve been listening to this song by @lilmallrat every day and I love it so much, but it’s only :58 long so we have a little something made and made longer. Have fun 🙂 love you @lilmallrat”.

Speaking of the release, Mallrat – aka Grace Shaw – shares, “The original ‘Wish On An Eyelash’ is a short, one-minute introduction to my album and was never promoted as a single – but there must be something magical about it, because in the last ones For months it has emerged as something that really resonates with people and now has a life of its own.”

Grace adds: “A few weeks ago, I was blown away when I took to Twitter to see that The Chainsmokers had remixed the song for the sheer love of it – we had never met or spoken to each other! For something this big to happen organically is really special and really rare. I’m so excited that this rendition of my track will be an introduction to a whole new audience. Thanks to the Chainsmokers.”

When you watch this live performance, expect Drew to walk out onto the runway in the crowd with a single spotlight on the mic while urging the crowd to pick up their lighters. Listen to it below and add it immediately to one of your Late Night Lofi Chill playlists.