January 30, 2023

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The Chainsmokers & Cheyenne Giles team up for groovy new house single Make Me Feel

The Chainsmokers have pumped out pop/alternative music in recent years, their albums So Far So Good, World War Joy or Sick Boy are almost more pop than electronic. Each group has its roots, however – The Chainsmokers team up with Cheyenne Giles and Spinnin’/Musical Freedom for the club-ready single “Make Me Feel.”

It’s a fresh leap into contemporary house music as the boys lay down a sultry groove, rich in percussion and sprawling sound effects that evokes an old-school 90’s sound with flashy synth stabs and vintage vocal samples. And let’s not forget the skin-tingling brass. Never forget the brass.

“Make Me Feel” builds momentum with a raw four-to-the-floor rhythm and bursts with the deep, bouncy beats Cheyenne Giles is famous for. As the groove thickens, the song tumbles into a radiant beat accented by mesmerizing horns and snappy vocal samples, unleashing a chorus reminiscent of a classic ’90s sound, now accompanied by exhilarating bass chords to set the mood in the to drive up.

Check out the official video below!

Photo via Rukes.com