February 3, 2023

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The ex-next-door review

Hello friends, years later, have you ever thought about why you didn’t do a certain thing in the past?

I ask because there is a scene in The Ex Next Door where Esme thinks about why she didn’t call Elliot four years ago after their conflict/small fight. If so, maybe they are still together.

I can identify with Esme, but not in a romantic way. There are moments when I look back and wonder why I didn’t do certain things when I clearly had the chance at the time.

When you read a book, sometimes you think about your life.

I’m making progress myself. I’m already talking about a scene. Let’s talk about the book.

What is “The Ex Next Door” about?

Esme, 34-year-old co-owner of the gallery, is temporarily moving into a small cottage. To her surprise, her ex Elliot lives next door with his girlfriend Morgan. They keep their past relationship a secret from Morgan.

Being neighbors, they can’t entirely avoid seeing each other, and they communicate and hang out behind Morgan’s back. Also inevitably, Esme grows close to Morgan

When Esme thinks of Elliot, she also thinks of her friendship with David, also a co-owner of the gallery.

The ex-next-door review

It’s hard not to spoil a book that I really enjoyed because I want to talk about it and also don’t want to share too much information. I won’t say who I cheered for Esme.

I don’t like romance novels where an ex comes back into your life, but I really liked The Ex Next Door. I was nervous and wondered if Esme and Elliot would get back together.

First person. Esme’s POV.

While reading this I wished Elliot was also a narrator so I would know his side and his thoughts but later I realized why Elliot is not a narrator. The ex next door falls under both romance and contemporary women’s fiction. It makes sense that Esme is the sole narrator.

Did I like the author’s writing style?
This is my first Jo Platt book. It’s certainly not the last. I enjoyed The Ex Next Door more than I expected.

I like how Jo Platt gradually reveals the true character of the man I was cheering for. As in relationships, I didn’t see the red flags until towards the end.

I love the supporting characters in this book. They’re funny.

Is that sharp?
No, and that’s a good thing.

Is the ending good?
YES. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. In the last few chapters, however, I saw the guy I was cheering for in a different, not nice light. In the end, I’m happy for Esme.

Do I have a favorite quote from the book?
Not really… but what Jo Platt wrote makes me think:

“Indeed, what was the point of ever examining your feelings and making a list of desires in relation to a relationship, when the fulfillment of those desires is always subject to the feelings and desires of others? It’s not like a business negotiation where cards are laid, pairs are matched, and the remaining points are compromised. When personal relationships are discussed, vulnerable hearts are worn on sleeves like sedentary targets—and compromise is impossible when feelings are kept genuine and deep.”

Do I recommend this?
If you love romantic comedy you need to read this. Even if you’re not into second chance romance, you’ll enjoy this.

Thank you Canelo for accepting my request to read this on NetGalley 🙂 <3