November 27, 2022

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The setup of Lizzy Dent Review

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Hello friends, do you believe in the energetic, magical power of the universe?

How about destiny? Do you believe in destiny?

I’m asking because Mara, the protagonist in Lizzy Dent’s The Setup, believes in it.

Mara Williams visits a psychic in Budapest who tells her that she will meet her romantic love soon, but she needs to fix something before it all fits together. And then the handsome Austrian Josef comes in on the right.

Mara Williams, pretending to be a psychic, tells Josef that his destiny will be sitting in a pub in Broadgate, England on the last Friday in August and that her name is Mara.

Mara has three months to renovate. Her co-workers ask her for help in saving the once-famous pool club she works at, while her new roommate changes her feelings/thinking about Josef.

The review of the facility book

I like that the publisher didn’t sell Lizzy Dent’s The Setup as a romantic comedy. I hate when a book cover looks like a rom-com (two people on the cover) and when you read it it’s more about the life of one main character.

There’s romance, comedy and a bit of drama in The Setup. It focuses more on Mara’s character arc than her love life. Think of this as c̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶-̶o̶f̶-̶a̶g̶e̶, a comeback with romance on the side.

Setup is about having the courage to trust yourself again after an emotionally traumatizing experience. Mara relies on astrology, destiny and destiny because she feels she cannot trust herself.

First person. Single POV. Mara’s POV.

Do I like the author’s writing style?
Yes! The setup is an entertaining and fun read! I’ve laughed alone since chapter one. I think I would pretend to be a psychic too if a young Alexander Skarsgård came into my life. Ha!

I also like how the secondary characters actually play an important role in Mara’s life. Sometimes I feel like some books have supporting characters just to have supporting characters.

Other topics covered by the author in the book:
Feeling like a failure, having a best friend who is a new mom who doesn’t have time for you, making new friends, getting out there by trying new things, and how we assume other people have it all together have when basically everyone is dealing with stuff. I like this scene. Mara said she was a mess and her friend said whoever she compares herself to everyone is a mess.

What do I think of the ending?
I like that. I’m glad Mara chose —— instead of ———. If I were her friend, I would also help her see who she should be with.

The setup quote from Lizzy Dent that I like:
“You know, you just have to be yourself. Otherwise life gets very tiring very quickly.”

Do I recommend this?
I think you’ll enjoy it if you like books with female protagonists like Olive and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

My other thoughts on the book?
I found it longer than necessary. I really want to see this as a Netflix movie!

Many thanks to Penguin UK for allowing my request to read this on NetGalley! 🙂

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