February 2, 2023

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This is how The Power of Your Subconscious Mind changed my life

I love Sherlock the BBC series. I’m not a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch but he’s as incredible as Sherlock Holmes. I’m stunned every time I look at it. I can watch the limited series over and over again every year. I actually do. Each year.

In one of the episodes, Sherlock says to Dr. Watson something about adding a new idea/knowledge to your brain makes you lose a stored idea/knowledge in your brain.

I can’t remember the exact words Sherlock said. I googled it, here is the quote from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, now I’m not sure if it’s the exact words said in the BBC series:

“Rely on it, there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something you knew before. It is therefore of the utmost importance that useless facts do not crowd out useful ones.”

People on Quora say that’s not true. Whether it’s true or not, I’m willing not to read another nonfiction book if it means I can keep in my head all the things I learned from Joseph Murphy’s The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Is The Power Of Your Subconscious Worth Reading?

Yes, it’s worth reading. You must read TPoYSM especially if you are interested in the Law of Attraction and want to improve.

Last year was all about the law of attraction. I’ve listened to podcasts, watched YouTube videos, and read books about LoA. I’ve absorbed pretty much every idea I’ve learned, but I’m still working on my manifestations. Some of the things I envisioned happened last year, some didn’t. I know that they will take place this year 🤞

The power of your subconscious is pretty much on par with any Law of Attraction teachings available anywhere. Think good thoughts, imagine what you want, be good to others to receive, give, say affirmations, be thankful.

BUT there is one thing I didn’t learn from LoA but from this book. Joseph Murphy said some affirmations fail because our conscious mind rejects them, because they create mental conflict and lack.

For example, we shouldn’t say “I’m rich” when we’re consciously super conscious that we’re broke. We should say many times in a day and every day, “Day and night I prosper in all my ways” and “wealth, success” to subconsciously attract more wealth. Saying these two doesn’t contradict anything in our consciousness.

“Your affirmation is most effective when it is specific and does not create mental conflict or argument; therefore, this man’s testimonies made matters worse because they indicated his deficiency. Your subconscious accepts what you truly believe to be true, not just empty words or claims.”

Six things I’ve done since reading The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

This is how The Power of Your Subconscious Mind changed my life

There are MANY helpful, insightful things I learned from this book. I want to apply them all at once but I’m still overwhelmed so I’m taking baby steps.

These are the things that changed in my life when I started reading this book.

1. I don’t say NEVER and CANNOT anymore

We believe what we put into our mind and it stays there in our subconscious.

Even if we really can’t afford something, we should never say we can’t afford it.

Our subconscious accepts everything we say and think as true. It doesn’t know what is right or wrong. It just accepts.

The more we say something, the more we will believe it. What believes in limits or makes us grow. Wouldn’t it be nice to habitually think a thought that will help us get better?

Instead of saying we can’t afford it, we should say, “This item is mine. It’s for sale. I accept it mentally and my subconscious makes sure I receive it.”

2. I think good things about myself and speak to myself with care, love and support

What we believe about ourselves is done to us. So let’s think good things about ourselves.

I used to have a habit of thinking negatively about myself. In the past, when I would recall a spasmodic thing I had done, I would say to myself, “What were you thinking? You’re embarrassing.”

Since reading this book and another book called The Self-Love Experiment, I’ve been speaking to myself like a best friend would, with care and love.

“What is your idea or feeling about yourself? Every part of your being expresses this idea. Your vitality, body, financial status, friends and social status perfectly reflect the image you have of yourself. This is the true meaning of what is imprinted in your subconscious and expressing itself at all stages of your life.”

3. I visualize in my head the result of what I want to leave to my subconscious

I read many affirmations, statements and prayers in The Power of Your Subconscious that I want to say every day. I’m slowly incorporating what I’ve learned.

I started making another lesson from the book, which is easy because it doesn’t have to say anything. Just imagine.

At night before falling asleep, upon waking up, and sometime in the afternoon, I visualize for a moment the outcome of what I want. I try to imagine all the details and really feel like I’m finally getting what I want. At this moment I am happy.

I will inform you when this result occurs. It’s just a matter of time✨

“When you envision the end result in your head, your subconscious responds and fulfills your mental image.”

4. I think about what I want before I sleep at night because it’s the best time

Thanks to this book, I stopped using my phone before bed.

Why should we say what our affirmations are, visualize what we want, and talk to our subconscious when we go to sleep? This is because we are more relaxed and our conscious mind is not resisting what we are thinking.

“In a sleepy state, the consciousness is to a large extent submerged. The reason for this is that the subconscious shows up most strongly before falling asleep and just after waking up. In this state, the negative thoughts that tend to neutralize your cravings and thus prevent acceptance from your subconscious are no longer there.”

5. I want to be happy to be happy

This is so simple, but it’s an eye opener.

If we want to be happy, we must really long to be happy. Sounds so easy right? Because it is.

I read this chapter at the right time.

I was pretty depressed and I thought to myself, “Something incredible should happen today so that I can be happy today.” And then I read this chapter. I was so wrong I shouldn’t wait for something incredible to happen in order to be happy. I just have to want to be happy.

Happiness begins in the mind, not in external circumstances.

happiness is a habit. It’s a state of mind.

That’s why I think social media isn’t good sometimes. It shows us that we must have certain things in order to be happy.

We can be happy by really wanting it, thinking good things, and being thankful.

“You have to choose happiness. happiness is a habit. It is a good habit to think often about what is always true, what is always honest, what is just, what is pure, what is beautiful, what is always good; if there is virtue and praise, then think of these things. Phil. 4:8.”

6. I take lightly what others say about me

When I say “other people” I mean relatives 😂 Relatives, especially Filipino relatives, have a lot to say about you.

Thanks to this book, I don’t think too much about what my relatives say about me. If I pay attention to them, they would have power over me. If they say something I don’t like, I counter it with good thoughts and think of good things about me.

“The suggestions of others by themselves have absolutely no power over you except the power you give them through your own thoughts. You must give your mental consent; you have to have the thought. Then it becomes your thought and you think. Remember, you have an opportunity to choose. Choose life! Choose love! Choose health!”