February 2, 2023

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Two prose poems [by Nin Andrews]

“Yes” and “Never Say Yes” (by Nin Andrews)


Orgasms are bad news. In the town I grew up in, orgasms were forbidden. Nobody had an orgasm, not even God. When I was twelve, I wanted an orgasm. Just one, I begged. Then one day everything changed. My body caught fire. Everyone knew. Everywhere I went the men took off their trousers and shoes and their thin black socks. The men (such men!) became disguised acrobats. Who would have thought? And me? I was so in love! And wanted to capture every colour, size and shape, not to mention their taste and mood. Life is so fleeting, isn’t it? And what is more fleeting than a human?

And that’s how I got into writing A Field Guide to Nudes. A Field Guide to Desires. A Guide to Orgasms. . .

I was so busy with my research that I didn’t have time to think. (Some say I was obsessed. It’s true!) No time to think about the consequences of my actions. Of course I should have known. People were outraged. They chased me into the streets and out of the city gates. Now I can never go back. I live alone with my desires. With my dreams that never stop dreaming. With these orgasms that never stop singing my name. Yes it is a fact! Whatever they say, all I can do is sigh and say yes. Whatever you desire, I just say yes. Yes! Yes! I say yes. I keep saying yes. And I’ll say it for you if you ask. Yes! Yes! Yes!

never say yes

Every day I positioned myself carefully. I wouldn’t move a muscle. I would tell myself I’m in good hands. Of course, it’s only natural to be a little restless. To think of disturbing an order so beautifully arranged, every hair in its place. blown dry. Sometimes I even managed a windblown look as if I had flown. People suspected I was secretly out and about. living a secret life. They said that was a very bad sign. And such a woman. Who would have thought? They trusted me for so long; They even called me one of their own. I who have always longed to be possessed. When confronted with this, I solemnly swore I hadn’t moved an inch. I hadn’t blinked either. I never admit it. But gradually I began to show the telltale symptoms. Every crime needs a criminal. You can’t do anything about it. Spectators come in droves. Mothers warn their children, see what’s happening? And to think. Me who was taken in by such a nice family. Good hardworking people. And they thought I was such a good egg. See what happens when you say yes.

from the archive; First published June 29, 2008


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