November 27, 2022

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“Under the Pink House” by Misbah Wolf [Introduced by Thomas Moody]

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Misbah Wolf is a poet based in Melbourne. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of QLD. Her most recent collection of poetry, Carapace, was published by Vagabond Press earlier this year. “Under the Pink House” first appeared in the Overland Journal, along with another of Misbah’s poems, which you can find here.

Under the pink house

It was pornographic sci-fi in you. You stretched out on the bed

and I was stationed casually as the Headless Nebula. You undressed in the afternoon – the

chimeric atmosphere in which chatting women turn into chattering insects. i felt you

scratch your tongue on my chin, the moment of disappearing into you where I

You could get out of the shapes of your different faces and really hear the conversation

wanted with me. Your tits sent out whips that lassoed me to bed, and yours

Pussy took on the same penetrating stare, a Kabbalistic cipher imbued with occult powers

sounded weak. Our lips wandered towards edges, idols and fiction, experience and

Fruit. The room was shrouded in veils that echoed with lengthening shadows

Sweating through every syllable, every bluish charge against inner thighs and


to accept that I wasn’t the gentleman you wished me to be. In the middle

Labyrinth of your labia, I unwittingly saw your future and saw echoes of great

Trees in gentle winds, fingers turning pages of burning books with images of hunger

Baby birds that would be unlikely figures of your liberation.

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