January 29, 2023

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Watch CEO Trayle’s new video for Alter Ego 2

Atlanta rapper-CEO Trayle shared another new music video, this time for his HH5 edit “Alter Ego 2.” In the clip, the rapper sits across the table from an alternate version of himself as he undergoes a mental tug-of-war over which direction he should take his life: improve his life through music or return to the hustle and bustle of the street. Directed by AZae Productions. Watch the video below.

“Alter Ego 2” is the fifth track from HH5, CEO Trayle’s Breakout 2022 mixtape, to be treated as a music video. “Craxk Flow”, “Nightmares & Dreams”, “Sincerely Yours” and “I Love You, But…” follow.

Read about “Alter Ego 2” on Pitchfork’s “The 43 Best Rap Songs of 2022” list and see why CEO Trayle in “A Chaotic List of the Best Rap Stars, Scenes, Trends, Freestyles, and Mixtapes of 2022.” ” has been recorded.


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