January 28, 2023

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In the latest issue of Persimmon Tree, Cynthia Hogue curates a series of poems on the theme “Lament, Rage, and Resistance” drawing on the voices of second-wave feminist poets Karen Brennan, Aliki Barnstone, Patricia Spears Jones, Kathleen Winter and Ann Fisher-Wirth focuses , Frances Payne Adler, Monifa Love, Pamela Uschuk, Ronna Magy, Mary Gilliland and Tess Gallagher. Check out Tess exquisite poem.


Although the general imagination
appears to have been looted by a man
After stepping on the moon, the poets decided
without deciding to just keep dropping it
into her poems as if nothing had had much
happened. They shine it down on lovers
as ancient power and in bedtime stories
children had to say good night
to. My Cherokee mother was alive

at the time this man took step
Place. I remember her black hair falling
to her waist like a horsehair shawl, though
She recorded it: “This is how a man walked on the moon”
She said. “They stepped on women
for years and haven’t discovered them. I
think the moon is safe.” She might be stern,
like someone who would let you die

on the mountain when your time came. “The moon
your great-grandmother once carried it out of a river
when it flooded her bed at night,” she said.
“She climbed onto his back and it levitated her
to the shore.” Then my mother went back to her
Amazement that humans could walk on the moon
They were still going after women years later
Years, moons in moons, without realizing it
Step by step they were on holy
Earth, the distant flesh of her birth into death

birth mothers. We sat together in silence
try to absorb such ignorance and starfall.
Soon it was time for breakfast. The moon
had completely forgotten about us. I shook something
Cheerios in our shells, those trusty moons
with holes in the middle that miraculously
swim in milk. We grabbed our spoons
like two planetary insurgents, women
every day brave enough for the journey.

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