February 2, 2023

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What should your literal New Years resolution for 2023 be?

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The new year is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to start planning your reading goals for 2023! How would you like to expand or change your reading life over the next year? Want to build a stronger book community? Want to dive into writing your own book? There are so many ways to embrace your love of books and I see resolutions as a great way to push yourself to try something different. Take this New Year’s Resolution quiz to get a suggestion for a new approach to your reading life in 2023.

There are some literal New Year’s resolutions that keep popping up among readers. Read more books! Browse your TBR! Try new genres! Diversify your reading! These are all great ideas and things that I personally try to do all the time. (Apart from weeding my TBR. It’s something I always say I’ll do, but I don’t get to it often.) But with this quiz, I tried to shake things up a bit. There are eight possible outcomes that I hope will inspire you to try something new in your reading life. Scroll to the bottom of this article to check out all the ideas for a very literal 2023.

Bookish New Year’s Resolutions Quiz

Bookish New Year’s Resolution Quiz Results

Attend author events

Author events are a fantastic way to connect with the book community. Book launch celebrations and authors’ talks can teach you about the books you love, change your perspective, and keep you entertained. Even better, they’re a great place to meet new book-loving friends! Check with your local independent bookstores or libraries to see what they offer, or follow your favorite authors on social media to find out about virtual events.

Catalog your home library

Do your bookshelves seem to have a mind of their own? Make 2023 your year to organize and document all the books in your collection. Whether in a spreadsheet or with a personal home library set, a little tidiness on your bookshelves will bring a fresh mindset to your reading.

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Get yourself a book as a volunteer

It’s time to give back to your bookish community! Find a book-related volunteer opportunity in 2023. Whether it’s helping your library, reading to children at a local school, or connecting with a nonprofit that celebrates books, volunteering is a great way to spread the love of literature.

Fight back against book bans

The US is experiencing a record number of state and local book bans. Spend 2023 campaigning for free access to books in your community, schools and libraries. Set a goal each month to fight book bans, whether it’s visiting town halls and protests, writing letters to lawmakers, or doing one of the activities suggested in our Anti-Censorship Toolkit.

Join a book club

Being able to discuss a book with your own book community completely changes the way you interact with the text. Whether you join a romance book club, a book and wine pairing club, or even a cookbook club, you can make new friends and great new reading. Now is the perfect time to find a book club near you. Or if you can’t find one you like, start your own!

Start a book swap with friends

Here’s a twist on your average book club: find some reading buddies and start a book swap! Each person chooses a book, whether it’s new to them or an old favorite. As you peruse your book choices, leave sticky notes with your thoughts and reactions (or write directly in the book if that doesn’t scare you!). Then pass it on to the next person. When each book has made the rounds, it will be filled with notes from your friends, making re-reading a whole new adventure.

Bookmark: A Reading Tracker cover

Use a reading journal

Keeping a book journal or reading log can be transformative. It’s a fantastic way to remember what you’ve read, engage more critically with the text, and achieve your reading goals. We’re obviously partial to this Book Riot reading tracker, but any journal — or even a digital log — will do.

Visit the settings of your favorite books

Are you hoping to travel more in 2023? Make it your goal to visit the places where some of your favorite books are set! You can choose locations near you for easy day trips, exotic locations around the world, or anything in between. Or if you already have a trip planned, read books that define where you are headed!

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