January 29, 2023

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When in Rome by Sarah Adams Review

The main thing I love about Sarah Adams’ The Cheat Sheet is that Nathan is celibate and wants to wait until he and Bree are married.

That’s hot.

I am grateful to Sarah Adams for writing a character like Nathan. A man who is famous, who can get any woman he wants and yet doesn’t want to be with any other woman. Bree only. He would wait for her.

This is romantic and hot.

So… when I found out about SA’s new book earlier this year, I wanted to know if the male lead in When in Rome is like Nathan’s character.

Is Noah Walker like Nathan Donelson, who also wants to wait and get married first?

Now that I’ve read it. I can tell you

When in Rome review

Unfortunately, Noah is not like Nathan. However, they are both gentlemen. Noah and Amelia sleep together, unlike Nathan and Bree.

Have you ever read a book that you have to read through and then you get to that one particular scene and everything changes? Want to keep reading and not put it down until you’ve finished reading it?

This happened to me while reading When in Rome.

I would finish a chapter and do something else and remind myself to finish it so I can move on to the next book. This happened more than five times.

Then I got to this particular scene in Chapter 21 and wow I love it. Sarah Adams nailed it. That’s what someone would say when they don’t want to fall in love with the other person but can’t help themselves. That scene changed my attitude towards the book.

Overall I like When in Rome but not my favorite. It has some scenes that you will want to skip and there are unforgettable funny and romantic scenes.

Is When in Rome spicy?
Hmm… not really. It’s more of an entertaining, exciting romantic comedy. The spicy scenes are gracefully written. Not graphic. I like that. Sometimes too many detailed sharp scenes make my mind go white.

do i like the ending
i don’t hate it It’s not an exaggeration.

A quote from the book that I like?
“It’s not infatuation. Not even desire. It’s the worst feeling of all… Worry. Caution is ruthless because it doesn’t come with the seat belt that selfishness provides. Caring has so much to lose and almost always ends in heartbreak.”

Scenes I like:

Noah tells Amelia he’s going to hug her now. It’s funny and cute. Mabel jokingly tells Amelia that Noah was staring at her butt. Noah takes Amelia’s phone and he is now the one speaking to the mechanic. This is an introvert’s dream! Noah tells Amelia that she’s very pretty and that’s a bad thing for him.

Do I recommend this?
It’s a delightful romance to read. A little weird. A must read if you like Sarah Adams books. I’m sure you’ll like this if you’re into grumpy/sunshine tropes and celebrity romance books.