January 29, 2023

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Which Judy Blume Character Are You?

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Who’s ready for a Judy Blume quiz? Books by Judy Blume have accompanied me at every age of my life. In elementary school, I laughed when my mom read stories from fourth grade aloud to me and my sister. Reading Are You There God? Is it me Margaret? I learned a lot about sex from the infamous Forever…and still read Judy Blume’s adult book Summer Sisters regularly. And these are just some of the more than 30 books that Judy Blume has created. Her books are popular because she creates characters that feel like real people. From 2-year-old Fudge Hatcher to teenage Victoria Leonard, her characters have big feelings, good intentions, and the ability to make some pretty big mistakes.

Now it’s time to find out which Judy Blume character you are most like. The good news is that there are no bad options! Simply answer the ten questions in this Judy Blume character quiz to get your answer!

All results:

Margaret Simon from Are You There God? it’s me margaret You are one of Judy Blume’s most recognizable characters. You are a deep, thoughtful person who is not afraid to ask life’s big questions. Religion, spirituality and philosophy might take over your mind from time to time. But you are also a person who wants to fit in and find the right group of friends who really understand you. Whether you are in the world of ideas or the real world, the only way to find the answers you need is to practice being yourself. Peter Hatcher from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. You are a responsible, reliable person who sometimes feels overlooked. While you may long for more recognition for your good deeds, in the end the best reward is the love and kindness you will experience in your life. Fudge Hatcher from Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and its sequels. They don’t like shaking things up just a little bit. no You are a chaos agent. You follow your instinct and believe that life is one big adventure. Sometimes your impulsiveness gets you into trouble. But as long as you don’t eat any of your siblings’ pet turtles, you should survive your quest for happiness! Sheila Tubman from Also known as Sheila The Great. You’re not bossy, you’re a boss. And what some would call a control freak, you consider passionate and obsessed with detail. But while everyone sees you as that confident, controlled high achiever, inside you have many doubts and fears that you don’t want to let out. Showing your weaknesses is actually a sign of strength and something that will bring you closer to your friends and loved ones. Sally J. Freedman starring Sally J. Freedman as herself. Judy Blume herself considered this character and book to be her most autobiographical. In fact, she once said, “Sally is the kind of kid I was when I was ten.” You have a vast, creative imagination that leads to a rich fantasy life. This can be both a blessing and a curse as it sometimes makes you worry about some pretty outlandish scenarios coming true. At the same time, this imagination helps you to imagine a more equal, just world and motivates you to be a kind, generous and peaceful person. Victoria Leonard from Summer Sisters. Just like Vix, you can be shy and quiet at times. But that’s only because you think deeply. You are a generous friend and family member who always wants to help. But in order to succeed in life and not burn out, you need to learn to take care of yourself too.

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I hope you enjoyed this Judy Blume quiz and are happy with your answer. If you want to explore more literal personality quizzes, find out which American Girl Doll you are or if you’re more like Calvin or Hobbes.