January 28, 2023

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Will Laroca unveils exciting second single ‘Northern Lights’ [Virgin Music Sweden]

After almost 13 successful years in the Swedish music industry, producer and artist William Fredriksson felt he was losing his passion for music. He’d left his solo artist career behind a few years earlier, despite selling gold, and was feeling less and less motivated in his production – he needed a change. He recently returned under the moniker Will Laroca, whose recent debut single “Holy Ones”, a stunning pop-driven EDM track with an inspirational and spiritual message, received critical acclaim from critics and media, fellow DJs and music lovers alike.

“The transition to house music came from a genuine interest in mixing different styles of music and experimenting with different tempos and genres. Coming from my hip hop background with very meaningful and personal lyrics and content, it came naturally to me to mix them up and create my own interpretation of EDM with deep lyrics. I am a musician with the utmost respect for the art of music. The ability to express emotions, dreams and thoughts through a song drives me. I basically fell in love with making up melodies.” – Will Laroca

Now he’s back with an exciting new single, ‘Northern Lights’, signed to Virgin Music Sweden, drawing inspiration from his Swedish heritage and the natural light phenomenon. It’s an addictive slap house tune, driven by bright fiddle melodies, inspired by old Swedish folk music dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, as well as the old Old Norse music style from the Middle Ages. “Northern Lights” conveys the message that even in the coldest and darkest of places, the Northern Lights serve as a metaphor for hope.

“The Northern Lights is a metaphor for the guiding light of positivity I felt when I was recovering from a dark place. For me it was the help of my faith, but for others it can be something else, the positive force that has the power to see you through difficult times.” – Will Laroca

Listen below!