January 31, 2023

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“You Are Love” delivers the sheer physical rush of dance music as HAMX holds nothing back

Beats hop through the landscape on You Are Love, with a presence that feels infectious for HAMX, who takes his background as a musician to a whole other level. Hope usually defines dance music, and HAMX proves that impressively here. Poetry has a soulful presence. Everything about it speaks for a very loving attitude. The title itself seems to embody the spirit that emanates from every nook and cranny of the sound. With its massive, arena-filling sound, the production shines flawlessly. He’s telling a whole story here, a story of self-discovery and believing in yourself that’s doubly refreshing.

A rush of endless possibility seizes “Who Are You”, with the various elements of what is to come soon emerging. Like a sonic foreshadowing, it has grandeur despite its short length. The gospel flair of “Remember Who You Are” and sudden bursts of energy give it a spiritual quality. Rhythm becomes a force of nature in the burning desire of “Tap If You Like It”. “Floating” offers an entire ecosystem for the lively interaction of the layers. “Restless” swirls around in a dazzling display and has a restless energy. Pure dancefloor fuel, Black Magic reveals the importance of this long-forgotten art of construction.

HAMX creates a truly immersive global experience about the life-affirming You Are Love.