January 30, 2023

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Your EDM’s top 40 artists to watch in 2023

Since 2016, Your EDM has strived to feature 40 all-new artists each year that we believe will make it big the following year. In this year’s list, that means we’ve already featured 280 unique artists over the course of seven years. The list went from simply “What big artists have albums to look out for next year” to “Who are the smaller artists doing something extraordinary” in the early years, meaning we’ve had the opportunity to do a to showcase an incredible array of talent, producers and musicians, many of whom have become real powerhouses in their communities and genres.

In its eighth year of Your EDM’s Top 40 Artists to Watch, this year’s list proved a little more difficult (but no less fulfilling). The list is actually made at the beginning of each year to keep track of who is doing some cool things, who gets booked to support the top artists as future rising stars, and more. Towards the middle of this year our list was corrupted and we lost all names. We’ve done our best to recreate it, but at the same time things can change over the course of six months.

If we asked our followers on Twitter Exactly a month ago today of who they wanted to see on the list this year, we found a huge number of names that we hadn’t seen and many that we had known for a while that just came to mind.

REMNANT.exe, RemK, Sora and A Hundred Drums (this year’s artist in the list) have been on our radar for years. And for whatever reason, they might not have made the shortlist, or someone else took off a little harder. We’re excited to finally have them on our list for 2023.

Others, in the case of Matt Barri, Lost in Beijing, So Sus, Onumi, OLAN, Skellytn, Zoska, or Ninajirachi, really entered our consciousness this year or late last year, and so have been really relentless in pursuing their own art, the They shone in 2022 and are certainly destined for big things next year.

And then there’s isqa, the not forgotten but revived alias of No Mana that we featured in our inaugural list in 2016 and has returned this year, courtesy of Rezz’s newly formed label, HypnoVizion. With such a sonic legacy but having been inactive for the past 7-8 years it is only fair that we bring this spectacular project to the attention of the masses.

As every year, we have selected 40 artists who we believe will have an incredible year in 2023, not only in their own personal careers, but in the electronic music scene as a whole. As a reminder, we do our best not to repeat names year after year to give new artists the spotlight. So if you don’t see the name of an artist who you think has had a great year and is destined for more, chances are we’ve featured them in the past six years.

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Check out the list of artists to watch on your EDM in 2023 below. Congratulations to everyone who is featured! We expect great things from you in the coming year.

(In no particular order)

Matt Barri | Lost in Beijing | Ninajirachi | Skeleton | A hundred drums
Maria Droppinz | PROFITS IN K | skybreak | Hamdi | Atura | DOIL
phantasm | LYN | ELIMINA | OLAN | isqa | protial
juku | Eyezic | sixth sns | Sora | ALLIESUN
SIMPLE | CHIL | Jasper Tygner | Tom Jarney | Onumi | RemK
low poly | REMNANT.exe | bag | MSFT | So sus | Joel Cruz
Zoska | camouflage | Ivory Spirit | AK RENNY | MashBit | Kosu.